It Is Official

I am now officially committed to running the 2013 USAF Marathon. 

I have been anticipating this day for about 3 months now. I was waiting with the anticipation of a kid at Christmas for this event. I am very happy to be on my way to completing my first marathon ever. I am looking forward to running this event.

I contemplated this event not long after I began training for my first 5k race. At that time, it was more of a possible dream than a reality. I could barely see myself running three miles let alone 26.2 miles. After I completed my third race in October, I was confident this was not only something I wanted to do. I was sure this was something I could do.

I know this will be an extreme challenge both mentally and physically. I have always been trained to focus on what I could do not what I couldn’t. My mother was legally blind and would never let me say I couldn’t fo something. She probably accomplished more in her life than most people do with full site. I decided to run this race in her honor. She lost her battle with breast cancer in May 2011. I am privileged to do this race in her honor.

What is your favorite race for 2013?


One thought on “It Is Official

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