New Skill Learned

A Cheng Shin brand bicycle tire

That Isn’t Right

I was getting ready to ride home this evening after a long day at work. I was so excited to enjoy this lovely heat wave of 41 degrees that we had today. I was all prepped and rolling out the door. I rolled the bike off the curb and heard the rear tire hit the pavement. Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right. Surely the new tires can’t be having a problem already. I have barely put 40 miles on this new Fuji bike. Yep, I had my first flat.

Reasons To Be Prepared

I honestly figured that I had a little more time to get a frame pump, and saddle bag. I guess I was wrong. It just goes to prove that you can never be too prepared. I had the tire levers and a spare tube at home thankfully. However, they weren’t doing me much good at the moment. I should have been better prepared.

My Wife; My Hero

I had to admit defeat and call in the cavalry, aka my wife. She graciously agreed to come pick me up and transport the bike home. I also learned how to remove the wheels from my new bike. It made it fit so much nicer into the car that way. I was so glad the sales associate at Kettering Bike Shop took the time to explain how to remove the skewer when she showed me the Trek FX 7.2. Otherwise I would have lost that pesky little spring.

All Better Now

I got the tire off the wheel and replaced the tube without any bodily injury. Now I have the tire to a correct PSI and and all looks good. Hopefully I can make it a few more miles before I need to replace this again.

How often have you had to replace your tubes? What new skill have you learned or practiced this week?


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