ORRRC St. Patrick’s Day 5K

5K Course MapOhio River Road Runner’s Club Annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K

This was my second year running this awesome fast 5K in Middletown, OH. As usual, the ORRRC, an all volunteer club, did an excellent job of putting on an outstanding race. This was to be my season opener and my first race/run since the US Air Force Marathon in September. I had planned to run this race not by pace or time but my heart rate. The goal was to run at 85-95 percent of Maximum heart rate.

Surprising Beginning.

Amber & II arrived a little early with my family to register and warm-up. I ran into a really cool friend of mine at registration. I love the green hair Amber. She is such a great person to hang with! We had to take this picture to send to the running buddies we run for. We are both a member of a cool group of runners that run for kids that can’t run (www.whoirun4.com) I run for a little boy named Sterling and she runs for Shayla.

I took a few minutes before gun time to warm up and get the juices flowing. I looked at my Garmin 305 and saw my heart rate jump to around 200. I wasn’t too surprised since I had hit 203 last year at a 10K. I calculated my goal heart rates and made a plan. Or so I thought. I got lined up and off I went. I had barely ran .2 miles when I saw the Garmin showed 215! Really! No Way!

So This is What Torture Is

I ran slower than last year for the first mile. In 2013 I clicked off a 7:45 mile. I was around 8:50 for this run. Oh well, It’s what I get for that unplanned time off. I rounded the corner and realized the plan was just not going to work today. I had a pain in my chest that would not go away. I made the smart, at least I think so, choice to slow down until it felt better. It just wasn’t worth it to me. I live by Dean Karnazes definition of DNF, Do Nothing Fatal. Chest Pain equalls slow down. I think my allergies were causing lung issues, but why risk it. I pressed on past 1.3 at the water stop until 2.5 where I picked up the pace again and pushed it home. I was feeling OK when I rounded the final corner and sprinted in. The last piece was made so much more sweet by watching a running buddy of mine be ‘escorted’ by her young daughter. That was priceless!

Another Race DoneMe posing post-race

I would have liked to beat last year but the bike commuting took a lot of my training time. I finished 10th in my age group and now have a benchmark to base my Air Force 10K training on. I have a little to regain but I have this. I have my next race in a month. It is a hilly trail 10K. Lots of friends and mud! I can’t wait

24 Hours later….

Oh man! I really regret not running more before this race. I don’t think I was this sore after the marathon. I can barely walk my quads are so sore. I have a date with a foam roller.

What race do you enjoy doing annually?


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