Air Force Marathon 5K hosted by Wright State University

Rowdy Raider at Finish Line

My First Race of the Fall

I ran my first race of the fall season Friday, September 19th, 2014 at the Wright State University Nutter Center. The race was also my first race as a member of Team Chocolate Milk. Finally, it was my first race of the US Air Force Marathon weekend. I had a lot of firsts this weekend.

First Time Back

Wright State is my alma matter. I graduated from WSU in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology degree. I lived on campus all five years there. It is safe to say that I spent a good portion of the early 90s on that campus. It was very exhilarating to be back on campus for this race. This was my first time back on campus in some time. The scenery has changed a little. There are a few new buildings and a new sculpture. Overall, it is still the same college I knew. That was a large reason I signed up for the race. I wanted the chance to run around my old campus.

First Race of the Weekend

This was also my first of three races of the Air Force Marathon weekend. I made the choice to attempt the triple crown in January. It comprises the 5K on Friday, and the 10K and Half Marathon on Saturday. This first race was intended to be a warm-up race of sorts for me. I was planning to run this as an easy pace run to work out the jitters for the following morning.

First Negative Splits

I ran the first two miles of the race rather conservatively. I knew that I had a sub-60 10K to run in the morning. I did well with the plan too. I hit mile two around the area known as “the quad” on campus. There was something about hearing the theme from Top Gun and all the cheerleaders that just got the juices flowing. I threw caution to the wind and kicked the pace up a notch. I felt the best I have ever felt in any 5K I have run. I finished the race strong and with negative splits.

First Race Representing.

I had originally hoped that I would have my new Team Chocolate Milk gear in time for the race weekend. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Still, it was my first race representing the team. I was so happy that it was such a great race to represent. Instead I wore my Honey Stinger shirt and represented them proudly. They are such a great brand. I wouldn’t realize just how much I liked them until the next day.

map of route from 2104 Air Force 5k


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