ORRRC 1st Annual Wingman 10K

This recap is a little late. I intended to write it in July but the summer got away from me. Better late than never. Here you go anyway.

The Wingman

The race director of this race lost his wingman a few years earlier. He dedicated this race in honor of the fallen hero. That is one of the reasons I just Had to run this race. I am a sucker for patriotic themes.

The Transport.

I rode my bike and the Greater Dayton RTA to arrive at this race. This was my first time not driving to a race. (For my second race, check out my USAF Marathon race recap). I must say it went fairly well with one exception. I usually try to run with very minimal items in my pockets. I had removed my keys, i wasn’t driving, that morning. I forgot, they have my bike lock key on them as well. If you look in the finish line photo, you can see my bike in the background. I left it there figuring no one would bother it.

Unique Concept.

The race director added a unique concept to this race. He randomly assigned everyone to color coded teams. Not only were you racing for yourself but you r were racing for your team. The first team to get all members across the finish line won the team award. To keep the playing field fair, he staggered the starting based on USA Track & Field age-graded criteria. It really worked very well. The race started at 08:00. I started 29 minutes later. Ironically enough, the top finisher also started with me. He started 29 minutes late and still beat everyone else. OK, I am impressed.

The Race is On.

running across finishThe race went rather uneventful. I had not ran much so I was not anywhere near the shape I wanted to be. My PR for for the 10K was just seconds over 57 minutes that I set last year. I finished this race just over 1 hour. Not my best but still acceptable. I wasn’t pushing too hard. I now knew I could do it under 1 hour for the Air Force 10K. That was really my goal for this race.

Heading Home

The funniest part was that I jumped on my bike and rode 12 miles home after the race. Yep, I turned it into an impromptu biathlon. It felt great! I may not always be the fastest but I will finish!

table with coaster awards

WIngMan Awards – custom coasters.


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