First 50K Planned

Another Dam 50K Logo

I Made The Decision

I decided that I would run my first 50K in 2015. I am still not sure it was a good one, 🙂 , but I have decided to go for it. I have heard great things about this race and know the area quite well. The Englewood Metro Park is one of my favorite metro parks. The time of year is great and I am pumped. The Another Dam 50K course covers quite a bit of the park. The race web site describes it as, “The course consists of a 7.8+ mile circuit that will be completed 4 times for a total of 31.4 miles. The course is 75% dirt trail, 13% gravel/dirt road, and 12% paved bike trail and park roads.”

Bring On The Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk has always been my favorite recovery drink. I just love that I can get the perfect carb to protein ratio with such a great tasting drink. I mean who wouldn’t want to drink chocolate milk and claim it is good for you?!?! Seriously though, it is the perfect drink and it costs less than all the other options. Seems like a win/win deal to me.

With all the long runs I will be doing to prepare for this first ultra, I will be drinking lots of that brown gold. I am almost as excited about that as I am the race itself. Yeah, I know, I am a kid at heart.

What New Things Are You Trying

This is a new distance for me to challenge. I am wondering what new races, distances, or routines you are trying? What challenges are you looking to face? Share below in the comments.


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