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Yesterday I shared with you that I made the decision to race my first Ultramarathon. I choose to run Another Dam 50K that is put on by my local running club, Ohio River Road Runners Club (ORRRC).

Part of that decision means that I will be doing a lot of long runs this spring. I started googling options for staying hydrated. The one options that kept showing up was Nuun. I even checked out Nuun alternatives. Surprisingly, not only was Nuun the one product that kept coming up to the top. There really weren’t that many listings for alternatives.

I had seen the product a few times on the shelf at my local running store. I just never thought it would be for me. I was wrong!

Love At First Taste

I knew this year was going to be different. I didn’t want to just hydrate with water. I wanted something more. I have tasted Gatorade and Powerade. I liked them but they were bulky to carry more than one serving and they were sugary. I decided that I would make the trip to Runner’s Plus and try this new product.

Nuun comes packages in a plastic tube that holds 12 tablets. Each effervescent tablet is supposed to be dissolved in at least 16 oz. or water. It even comes pre-scored to break in half to put it in narrower bottle tops. I broke the rules an used 20 oz. of water. I was a wild man. 😉 It toiled and bubbled for about 2 minutes. Then came the moment of truth.

WOW! That Tri-berry taste was wonderful. It wasn’t sugary or syrupy. It was water with just the right amount of flavor. I knew that I was hooked. We had a winner.

Ambassador Program Discovered

While looking around on the Nuun site I discovered they were taking applications for Nuun Ambassadors in 2015. I just had to apply. This product is that good. I want the chance to share the Nuun love with all of you. I placed my application tonight. I am told I will hear by the end of December. Wish me good luck.


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