2015 Honey Stinger Sponsorship

Honey Stinger Logo

2015 Sponsorship Open

Honey Stinger has opened it’s grassroots sponsorship program of athletes and ambassadors for 2015. I was first sponsored by Honey Stinger in 2014 and have gladly reapplied for the 2015 program.

Honey Stinger is a great natural honey based energy gel. I used to use GU gels before this year. I did not even realize just how much I loved this product until I ran the US Air Force Half marathon this year. I made the ill choice to just use the gels the race gave. I grabbed the Cliff Gel and it was just too thick. I will never make that mistake again.

Now We Wait…

Now that I have applied, I will wait 6-8 weeks to hear if I have been reaccepted into the program for the 2015 calendar year. I truly hope so because I love their products. It is my favorite fuel to eat while running.

My Favorites

I wanted to share with you my favorites:

What is your favorite Gel or Nutrition product?


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