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I have been using this weight loss program for a few years now. I absolutely love it! Some of you  may have noticed my badge in the sidebar concerning how many pounds I have to lose. This is the program I am using to accomplish that.

Multiple Devices

One of the programs greatest features, other than it’s free, is the ability to synchronize across multiple devices. You can access your food diary from your smartphone, tablet, or web. They all sync together seamlessly. You can even enter data while offline and upload later. It is amazing.

User Database

One of the major selling points for me was the vast user defined database of foods. The program allows users to enter their own recipes or data from the package to the site. That means that I can almost always find a food item I am eating or a similar product.

Multiple App Integration

A third feature that I love is the many, many apps that integrate with the service. I can track an exercise in Runkeeper, Map My Run, and others and the data shows up automatically in my diary. The number of apps are vast and growing as the community requests more integration.

Multiple Reports

I can track multiple metrics with the service as well. I personally track weight, % body fat, and measurements. You can even define what you want to track. You can define what nutrient goals you want and track them daily, and weekly. This is all available for free.

Two Thumbs Up

I recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their health and or change their weight. This is the best program I have ever come across. Oh, and did I mention it is all free?

What do you lose to improve your health?


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