Where is The Half Marathon?

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If you saw my planned race schedule for 2015 you noticed that I have covered just about every distance in the year. I have a 5K, 5 miler, 10K, 15K, marathon, and even an ultra planned. However, there is one distance missing. I am missing a half marathon.

Half Marathon Missing

You may, or may not, be wondering why this distance is missing. Well, I am going to tell you. I can’t find one that fits in with my schedule. It is just that simple. I had originally planned to run a half at the Air Force. I just couldn’t do it. I missed Fairborn too much. I changed that to a full.

I have been looking for a replacement but can’t find one I like. It is either in conflict with my life schedule or too close to another race. Being a minister, Sunday races are hard for me. Most don’t allow me to finish and still have time to be in services. I am improving but still am not all that fast.

I considered the ORRRC Half in April. I have a projected half marathon finish of 1:57:45 based on my 5K PR of 25:26. This is actually a pretty aggressive estimate at the moment.  With a 8:30 start time, I would be finishing around 10:30 and then trying to make it to Miamisburg by 11:00 from Xenia. That is just too close for comfort.

The others that I found on Saturday are just not a good time in connection with others. I thought about the Huber Heights Half in June. I am just not certain I want to attempt a half marathon the very next week after a 50K. That just seems too much for me. I might be able to do it but I am just not willing to commit.

So, Do you have any recommendations?


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