Dashing Through the Snow 5K Race Recap

Dashing Through the Snow 5K iconLast Race of 2014

My last race of 2014 was a really great experience. I signed up for this race for two reasons. One, it was being hosted by my wife’s High School alma matter. Two, it was a support for the band and color guard. What two better reasons to run a race. This old band geek just couldn’t resist this race. Plus, a good running friend of mine was going to be there.

Pre Race

This race prep was slightly different from most. Usually, I am just getting myself ready while my family sleeps. If teh family goes with me, they are usually later starting races. This time, the race was early (9:00) and almost an hour away. This meant I had to get the family up early and get them on the road. All in all, this went very smoothly. We made it to Brookville and dropped Grace off at my in-laws.


I arrived about 30 minutes before race start and checked in. This went very smoothly and my wife got a chance to look around the new High School they built after she graduated. The temperatures were a little cooler but not too cold. Looked through the swag and got ready to race and warmed-up. In other words, uneventful 😉

Ho Ho Ho!

The race started on time with Santa being given honors of starting us. The Brookville HS band played to start the race as well. The race director had warned us to follow the arrows on our right and ignore the lefts until we came back through. I set my pace and set-in. I did well for the first mile. I was running at a pace of about 8 min./mile. That would not last for long.

Bye Bye Birdie

I was hoping to set a PR for the 5K. My previous was a 25:26. A pace of 8 min./mile would have allowed me to do that. I tried, I really did. The lack of time running in 2015 had taken it’s toll. I was forced to slow down. I did manage to keep it at under 9 min. mile overall. I did some walking and pushed through.

The worst part of the race was the poor young man who pushed himself a little too much. He was somewhere around mile 3 when he had to stop and empty his stomach. He looked fine otherwise and I continued on. It sure sucks when you push too hard but he definitely left it all on the course.

leah with signBest Part of It All.

The best part of the whole race was the surprise my wife had for me. As I came up to the chute I saw her standing there with her custom made sign. I knew she had the sign but asked her to keep the message a secret until race time. I loved it and her. She reiterated for the whole to see that I am #1 to her and our family. She definitely got a special kiss from me for that sentiment. She is positively amazing.

My favorite Recovery Drink.

If you know me, you know what comes next. Yep, it is chocolate milk time! I have used chocolate milk as my recovery drink ever since I began racing in 2012. Why not? I mean it has a great taste, the proper carb-to-protein ratio (4:1), and costs so much less than all those speciality drinks. Why spend mega $$$ when you get the same benefits from low fat chocolate milk? It never did make sense to me. I applied to Team Chocolate Milk for just those reasons.


What is your favorite post-race recovery drink?


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