Another Treadmill Long Run (Sort of)

treadmill lcd displayThis Winter Weather

Just when you think this crazy Ohio winter weather is done, it strikes with another polar vortex. Today’s temperatures were in single digits again! I have no issues with running in the cold per se BUT I just don’t have the proper protection for the elements. That meant another long run on the treadmill, This time, I decided to drop in at the Moraine, OH Payne Recreation Center (PRC) .

I usually like to start my long runs early in the morning before my family gets up. The problem today is the PRC doesn’t open until 09:00 on Saturdays. The plan was to get there at exactly 09:00 when they open for a solid 2 hour 10 mile run. That was the plan at least. I actually got out of the house about 30 min. later than expected. Then, I get to the center and it takes them almost 5 min. to process my CC. They were at least nice about it.

Let’s Get Started

The treadmill was nice and the room was a good temp with the news on the TV. Nothing really horrible. I get on the treadmill and make the attempt to decide what program I want to use today. I finally decided to just go plain Jane and use the basic setting. I enter all the data such as weight and then it asks time. I attempted to enter 120 min. The machine balked. Umm, how about 90 minutes then. Nope, that didn’t work either. What does this machine want? I finally found out it would only take 30 min. as a max. setting. Really, 30 min.?

I figured it would just keep going after the setting. I do a 5 min. warm-up walk and then proceed to the 12 min. mile pace at a 1.0% incline. I sip my Nunn about every 10 min. to keep hydrated. I decided to try the fruit punch today. Not bad; I still like tropical though. Whew, my legs are not liking this incline. Oh well, shut up legs and do as I say. Things are going good and then we hit the 30 min. mark. The treadmill decides it is time for my cool-down. Silly machine, I have just begun to punish you. I override the slowdown and proceed with my run. Two min. later, I get a workout summary. I AM NOT DONE!!!

That Stinks!

Turns out these machines can only handle a 30 min. workout. You have got to be kidding me. I get the thing started again. Of course, my legs felt so spongy to be just stopping like that. I usually stop at 45 min. to take a drink and consume my 1st Honey Stinger gel. Today I decided that I wanted to press on to the half way mark. First it was to 60 min. and then I just wanted to push on to the 5 mile mark. That would be the point the crazy machine was going to stop again.

I made a quick call home to see how things were going since I was running late today. This was the point I originally planned to stop. Grace was up and my dad was at the house to babysit while Leah and I spent some quality time. I wanted to finish that run but it just wasn’t fair to put my wife on hold for my time mismanagement in the morning. Looks like today i only going to be a 5 miler.

What was your running adventure today?


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