Through the Storm

It is in the simplest things that we learn the most life changing messages. Lisa faced the situation head on and learn something new about herself. Take a moment and read her story.

Lisa Preuett~Rest Stop for the Soul

I just got back from a short run earlier this morning. Wow! Loved the bright sun shining on my face. The clear, blue sky above brought warmth and peace to my heart. I absolutely love this kind of weather for running. But unfortunately there are times I’ve despised the weather I was forced to run in. I’m not talking about cold weather since I’ve adapted to that and sometimes prefer it. No, I’m talking about RAIN! I can NOT stand to run in the rain.

Last spring I trained for a half marathon in Nashville. Just days before the race, the weather forecast did not look favorable. It called for rain……and lots of it. The chances for rain were right at 95%, leaving a very slim possibility for clear skies. At this point I  prayed like crazy that the rain clouds would pass over and go another direction. Then I…

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