2015 St. Jude’s Country Music Marathon – Journey to Nashville

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Ready to Roll

The St. Jude Country Music Marathon was going to be my first out of state race. I was so thankful to Built with Chocolate Milk for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. It was complemented by the fact that Nashville, TN is my mother’s home town. She was born and raised a good portion of her life in this city.  I was so excited to represent the team in this city.

The trip started for me and my family on Friday Morning. I picked up the rental car as early as possible to get on the road for the 6-8 hour road trip to Nashville. I got a free upgrade from the clerk at Hertz when I told her about the problem of our hotel closing their indoor pool. My daughter was very disappointed since she was looking forward to playing in the pool while I ran the race.

We headed out for Nashville from Franklin, OH around 10 AM Friday morning. The expo closed at 8 PM home time. The goal was to make it to the hotel to drop off the family and then drive to the expo. So far, everything was going well. Traffic was moving along well and we blew through Cincinnati.

Detour Ahead

We took a small back roads detour outside Bowling Green, KY. We were on schedule to hit northern Nashville right at rush hour. My wife really detests Nashville traffic anyway. Rush hour was going to be too much for her. I took a back roads detour to make her happy. It was the least I could do considering I was asking her and Grace to spend the majority of Saturday in the hotel without the promised pool. I needed to make her happy.

It wasn’t too long after we left the interstate when we came up on the strangest site. An elderly couple were out for a stroll on their motorized scooters. They were riding them down the road. We all were pleased to see them out but they apparently left their slow moving vehicle triangle sign at home. That was a very unexpected surprise.

Finally, we arrive at the Super 8 Motel. I help the girls unload at then head out to the expo with about two hours until it closes.

Tomorrow read about the expo.


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