2015 St. Jude’s Marathon Expo

2015 St. Judes Country Music Nashville marathon & 1/2

Red Carpet Event

CMM Red Carpet ExpoThe first thing that caught my attention at the expo was the red carpet. Yep, all the racers were treated to an awards show like entrance to the expo. I thought that was a classy touch to the process.

This was probably about the only time my spoiled butt thought this expo was better than the US Air Force Marathon race and expo. You see, the Air Force Marathon was my first marathon and honestly the only expo that I have ever attended before this. I admit the Air Force Marathon definitely set the bar high for this race.

Expo Flow

The first thing you do at the expo is get your bib. This is directly backwards from my other race. This wasn’t that big of deal to me. I really didn’t care that it was first or last.

The strange thing to me was the expo is broken up into three section. The first is the bib pick-up. Second you enter the Brooks sponsored sales area. Finally, you enter the main expo. The odd thing was that once you left one into the other you were forbidden to go backwards. Even the third area was arranged almost in an S fashion.

Team Chocolate Milk Booth.

Buildit Booth

My Favorite part of the whole expo was visiting the Built With Chocolate Milk booth. I got to get some crazy pictures to celebrate and had a blast. It was a great booth and they were sharing some great details about the benefits of chocolate milk for post exercise recovery.

In case you missed it, I am a member of Team Chocolate Milk and they paid for my race entry. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this great group of athletes.

Tomorrow; The Main Race Recap.


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