2015 St. Jude’s Marathon Race Recap.


Race Day is HereNashville Skyline Selfie

After almost 4 months or waiting and training (well, sort of training. Winter in Ohio was rough) for the race. The race day has come. Over the past two days I have discussed the trip to the race and the race expo. Today I will cover the race itself. This race was decided as a tribute to my mom who is originally from Nashville and as a fun challenge.

The Crazy Start

Nashville DowntownAfter meeting up with some members of Team Chocolate Milk, I began the long walk to corral 27. That was when myself and numerous other racers encountered what was one of the dumbest moves I have ever seen a race director do. The 5K race started 15 minutes before the marathon. The race runs right by the starting corrals for the marathon. So as I and other racers are preparing to cross 6th street to go to our corral, we are stopped cold to wait for the 5K runners to pass. The police were yelling at us. The complaints to the race officials were falling on deaf ears too.

It was disgusting the attitude we got. The officials felt that we would be 30-40 minutes getting to the start line with the wave start so why be upset. I know it fell on deaf ears because they are doing the exact same thing again in 2016 according to the race web site. So fair warning, if you are late getting to the corral, you will be stopped for the running of the 5K.

And they’re off, and they’re off….

Start Line CMM

The wave start was nice and allowed everyone a chance to start neatly. It took me and my group almost 45 minutes to make it to the start. The one thing they don’t make clear in the web site is the six hour course limit is from your start time and not gun time. That is nice because it makes the overall course limit almost 7 hours.

The race went fairly well and uneventful until about mile 13 where I was forced into a run/walk routine. The hills and lack of proper preparation was just too much for my legs. I did keep a pretty even 12 min/mile pace until that point.

By mile 25 I was beat. If I stopped I was not going to keep moving. I had never been that tired from a race in my life. This was the first race where I honestly was about to mentally quit. It was hot and brutal.


I was never so glad to see a finish line in all my life. I grabbed my chocolate milk and made my way to pick-up Sterling’s swag. I did it! Marathon #2 is under my belt.



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