2015 ORRRC Turkey Trot

This race is truly one of my favorite races. I ran it for the first time last year. The small hill at the end of mile 1 is so fun. Then it is a short downhill followed by relatively flat running.

We were blessed with 50s weather today as well. I was so glad for the amazing perfect race temps. I think about last year ORRRC Turkey Trot as I begin.

One of my favorite things from last year was Santa Clause and his “sleigh” with reindeer. I was slightly disappointed that  wouldn’t be seeing them again this year. At the 0.8 mark I hear a familiar sound behind me. Could it be? YES! Santa Clause was back and just a vibrant. We sing ‘Santa Clause is Coming to Town’ as we start up that hill. I am sure others were thinking how could I be running and singing. All I can say is learn to march and play a flute. Then you will understand padawan.

I got another treat just after the 1 mile mark. I met up with a good running friend of mine. I decide to run with her for a while. I look at my Garmin and see that we are running a 10:30 pace. I plan to run for a while and then drop off to my planned 12:00 pace. That drop never came! Running together we kept up the 10:30 pace all the way to the end. I thought about it at 4.25 miles and decided, nope, I will not wimp out with less than a mile to go.

Another ORRRC Turkey Trot is in the books with a 54:02 official time.

Source: ORRRC Turkey Trot – results powered by OnlineRaceResults.com



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