Happy New Year; Happy New Calendar


Today I share with you that my desire is slowly growing. I have recovered from the burnout I caused qualifying for the Half Fanatics. After 6 months of very little running I finally feel ready to restart my training.

New Training Plan

While I have followed Hal Higdon’s plans in the past with great success, I never really trained. I tracked miles and that was about it. I would occasionally monitor heart rate and that helped a lot.

That was how I feel I burned myself out in 2016. I was doing too much for me and my life. This year, I decided to train using Training Peaks Premium plans and purchased three Hal Higdon Plans for the year:

  1. Spring (Base) Training (Novice) – I will use this for my winter base training this year. Previously, I have used his winter plan but it appears to have been dropped from TP.
  2. Half Marathon (Novice 2) – I will use this for both my ‘A’ half races this year. This is a nice easy plan for those who have experience running but aren’t looking to add speedwork yet.
  3. 8K Training (Intermediate) – This will be for my last ‘A’ list race, The ORRRC Turkey Trot. I figured by September, I should be back up to speed and ready to improve my performance.

New Race Calendar

I have also planned my race schedule for this year too. I have placed all my races into three categories, A-Must Do, B-Important but can skip, C-If they fit with my life schedule.

Twin Creek Trail 10K (B) – 4/15/2017 – I have run this technical trail race before. It is up and down hills and usually very muddy. It is a blast to run. **EDIT: I just wasn’t feeling this race this year. **

The Heights Half (A) – 06/03/2017 – I ran this course for the first time last year. It is a nice local race and I plan to be ready for this one better this year. Last year, I had the privilege to help a new runner finish this one in her hottest race ever. It was a scorcher.

Sugarcreek 5 Mile Trail (C) – 06/07/2017 – I have never actually ran a race here. The place is beautiful and I look forward to making this one work this year.  **EDIT: Something came up on my schedule and I just didn’t make this race.**

1 Mile Dash for Cash (C) – 06/29/107 – I know I won’t win but this just looks like a blast. **EDIT: NOPE! DIdn’t do this one either.**

Wingman 10K (B) – TBA – I have ran this once before and the director is an amazing guy! The concept of this race is a team effort. The team with all it’s members across the finish line first is the winner. The race starts on a staggered schedule based on age.

Tadmor 10K (C) – TBA – I have always wanted to run this one but it never fits. I am going to try it this year. **I thought this was a trail race. It turns out it is on the Multi-Use Path. I really have no desire to run it now**

Possum Creek 5K (C) – TBS – I have ran these trails at the clubs annual summer picnic but have never made this race. I will be there this year.

Brokeman’s Half (C) – 08/27/2017 – I got sick this past year with high blood pressure right before this one and chose to sit out until I was medically cleared to be safe. I will be back to avenge my loss. **EDIT 1/16/2017** They moved this race to Sunday. 😦 I can’t do that.

Deweese Park 5K (C) – TBA – If all goes well, I might have my daughter with me at this low key club race. **I just didn’t feel like doing this when September rolled around**

Air Force Half (A) – 09/16/2017 – I registered for this baby 01/02/2017. I have been running an AF race since 2013 and will be back every year as long as I can. I just love this race. It was my first marathon too.

ORRRC Turkey Trot (C) – 11/23/2017 – There is nothing like starting the feast with a run!

Gift Exchange 5K (C) – This is a neat way to end the race with your club friends.

Winter Solstice 10 Miler (C) – TBA – I am still on the fence on this one. I added it just in case. I will decide probably 12/09/2107. I decided I didn’t want to do this.

I hope to see you out there at a race this year. If you can’t run, come cheer us on.


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