Happy New Year; Happy New Calendar

I’m BAACCKKK! Today I share with you that my desire is slowly growing. I have recovered from the burnout I caused qualifying for the Half Fanatics. After 6 months of very little running I finally feel ready to restart my training. New Training Plan While I have followed Hal Higdon’s plans in the past with…

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First Run in a Long Time

IT’S BEEN A WHILE The truth is, I lost my running mojo this past summer. It happened not long after I completed my third race to qualify for Half Fanatics. I just lost the desire to run. The joy and drive were gone. Today, I decided to start a comeback. I went out for what…

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Another Treadmill Long Run (Sort of)

Life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. Today’s long run was one of those days. Things just didn’t seem to go as planned.

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Bikes Belong on the Street

How It All Began. I will share with you how I started commuting via bike.  It all started in 2013 while training for the US Air Force Marathon. I hurt my foot and decided to skip my long run for a bike ride.  That ride turned into a 27 mile ride.  That was the farthest…



You read that right! I made the Got Chocolate Milk Team Chocolate Milk. I was so happy that I stood right up and did the happy dance right in the middle of the Five Rivers MetroParks 2nd Street Market. I am sure I got a few weird looks but I don’t care. I spent the…

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Team Chocolate Milk Voting

I Am A Finalist! I have again been chosen as a finalist for Team Chocolate Milk Sponsorship.  I need your help to win 1 of 8 sponsorships from Team Chocolate Milk. The top 8 vote recipients will become a sponsored athlete of Team CHOCOLATE MILK and win a $500 sponsorship, training gear and team perks.…


New Skill Learned

That Isn’t Right I was getting ready to ride home this evening after a long day at work. I was so excited to enjoy this lovely heat wave of 41 degrees that we had today. I was all prepped and rolling out the door. I rolled the bike off the curb and heard the rear…